Working smarter with tech as the enabler

Paul Foster

Paul Foster

It has been a rollercoaster year, as we have seen businesses trying to adapt and redefine new ways of working. The only certainty has been uncertainty and the constant need for change. The ‘new world’ of working is still not clear and those law firms able to embrace a state of constant flux while still moving forward will be best placed to thrive.

To accommodate this new world, agility and flexibility are the new watchwords and using technology as the enabler is the key to success. The firms able to maximise collaboration with clients and colleagues using technology will reap the rewards and see rapid gains through quicker and better communications and improved engagement.

So how do law firms move forward to be more efficient and maximise productivity, while promoting increased collaboration and placing a renewed focus on customer success?

It can seem overwhelming, but as a Microsoft technology partner the answer is very straightforward – unify your business with a single platform, one connected solution that has been designed to work together to cover your whole value chain.

It’s a cloud-based solution that allows connection and collaboration between colleagues wherever they are located; a platform that provides a consistent single source of data to allow the employees to manage the business with true insights. A true cloud-based solution delivers continual free enhancements and upgrades, with the option of scalability and dramatically reduced hardware costs. It also has a positive impact on the environment and the sustainability of your organisation.

Bringing together disparate systems and data silos into one platform gives you the consistency and transparency you need, and hence one version of the truth. Getting the right resources at the right time is critical for business success, particularly for firms where business is built around units of time.

Automation is also key to working in our new world. The removal of low added-value tasks by leveraging technology designed to streamline processes will free your teams to do what they do best – creating frictionless working to bring disconnected teams together, avoiding spending time on admin-heavy tasks, and instead improving visibility, collaboration and insights across your firm.

The wellbeing of staff is even more critical in these challenging times of evolving working practices. Firms need platforms that alert employers about potential wellbeing issues. Lack of holiday taken, excessive hours worked, late performance reviews late, sick days and so on, are all insights that can be delivered by a platform sharing common data and surfaced to the user via key reporting.

We work with our legal clients to optimise ways of working using automation for routine tasks, creating slick, agile processes while improving efficiency, engagement and collaboration. Working smarter – anytime, anywhere – has to be the future for successful law firms of the future.

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